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Date                Topics                                                                                              Host                             Attendees

Sep-21           Advanced Orthopaedic Trauma – Case Discussions                  IOA - IOTS                    883

Nov-21           Musculoskeletal Infections                                                           OSBD                            242

Jan-22            Hand & Microsurgery                                                                    MOA                              233

Mar-22           Paediatric Orthopaedics and Trauma                                          MOA                              188

May-22           Shoulder & Elbow                                                                          SOA                               103

Jul-22             Trauma 2 (incl Fragility Fractures & Osteoporosis)                   OSBD 

Sep-22           Hip arthroplasty: current concepts & updates                            POA-PHKS                    100

Nov-22           Knee arthroplasty: current concepts & updates                         SOA                                153


Date                Topics                                                                               Host/Coordinator

Jan-23           MSK Tumours                                                                   POA (PMTS)

Mar-23          Sports Knees                                                                    RCOST (Dr. Chanakarn)

May-23          Spine                                                                                 IOA/MOS

Jul-23            Foot & Ankle                                                                     RCOST


Indonesian Orthopaedic Association

September 25, 2021
Advanced Orthopaedic Trauma: Case Discussion

Moderator: Imamul Aziz Albar, MD


Prof. Theerachai Apivatthakakul, MD

  • Setting up for success: what to look for in radiographic and CT scan

  • Both column fractures

  • Complex case examples


Prof. Ismail HD, MD, PhD

  • Diagnosis: choosing your approach

  • Complex case examples

Datuk Abdul Rauf Ahmad, MD

  • Anterior column/wall fractures

  • Posterior column/wall fractures

Radi Muharris Mulyana, MD

  • Polytrauma and pelvic acetabular fractures: Timing of fixation

Gibran Tristan Alpharian, MD

  • Transverse fracture patterns

Harisuko Wihandono, 

  • Pelvi-acetabular fracture in low resource setting: My Experience


Orthopaedic Society of Brunei Darussalam

November 20, 2021
Musculoskeletal Infection

Moderators: Mr Hj Md Khairul Azmi Hj Kadir & Miss Hjh Liza Bte Hj Ishak

  • Septic Arthritis (A/Prof. Dr. Halim Rashid – KL)

  • MSK Tuberculosis (Dr. Rahyussalim – Jakarta)

  • Covid 19 and MSK problems (Mr Hj Abdul Hafidz Bin Hj Yakob - Brunei) 

  • Arthroplasty related infection (A/Prof. Dr. Pang Hee Nee - Singapore)

  • MSK melioidosis (A/Prof. Dr. Ketan Pande - Brunei)

  • Principles of management of open fractures (Dr. Chittawee Jiamton - Bangkok)

  • Fracture related infection (A/Prof. Nilo Paner – Manila)


Malaysian Orthopaedic Association

January 29, 2022
Hand and Microsurgery

Moderator: A/Prof. Dr. Kamarul Ariffin Khalid

  • Fixing the painful wrist: A novel approach (Dr. Sharifah Roohi Syed Waseem Ahmad)

  • Tying the knot: S-L ligament reconstruction Technique (Dr. Ranjit Singh Gill)

  • High median nerve injury (Dr. Shams Amir Shamsul Bahar)

  • Algorithm for managing peripheral nerve compression in the forearm (A/Prof. Dr. Raffael Ismail)

  • Managing flexor contractures in the hand (A/Prof. Dr. Abdul Nawfar Sagadatulla)


Malaysian Orthopaedic Association

March 26, 2022
Pediatric Trauma


Session 1
Moderator: Dr. Emil Fazliq Mohd – Malaysia

  • Perthes disease: When and how to treat (Prof. Dr. Mohd Anuar RaMDhan - Malaysia)

  • Challenges in managing moderate to severe SCFE (Dr. Kitiwan Vipulakorn - Thailand)

  • Treatment issues in Blount disease (A/Prof. Dr. Ismail Munajat - Malaysia)

  • Congenital Pseudoarthrosis Tibia: Tips for successful treatment (Dr. Cielo Balce - Philippines)


Session 2
Moderator: Dr. Ardilla Hanim - Malaysia

  • Updates in pink pulseless supracondylar humerus fracture (Dr. Andrew Lim - Singapore)

  • Pearls in pediatric neck of femur fracture (Dr. Emil Fazliq Mohd - Malaysia)

  • Principles in PediatricfForearm fractures (Dr. Aryadi Kurniawan – Indonesia)

  • Distal humeral physeal separation injury: What we should know (Dr. Kamariah Nor – Malaysia)


Singapore Orthopaedic Association

May 21, 2022
Shoulder & Elbow


  • Cuff tendinosis – ASEAN survey (Lee Wen Qiang/Puah Ken Lee)

  • Techniques in Massive Cuff Tear

        Tear morphologe and approach (Denny Lie)
       Superior capsular reconstruction (Ng WM)
       Latissimus Dorsi transfer (Desmond Ong)

  • The overhead athlete (Jason P. Santiago)

  • All about instability

        My approach to bankart repair (Iman IND)
       Glenoid reconstruction with iliac bone (Denny Lie)

  • Proximal humerus fracture (Ekavit)

  • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty (Ruben Manohara)

  • Tennis elbow – survey and current concepts (Puah Ken Lee)

  • Elbow Instability (Andy Wee)


Indonesian Orthopaedic Association

July 30, 2022
Fragility Fractures


Session 1:
Moderator: Prof. Ketan Pande

  • Impact and burden of Oeteoporotic Fragility Fractures (Hj Md Khairul Abd Kadir, MD - Brunei)

  • Investigations and medical management (Linsey Utama Gani, MD – Singapore)

  • Secondary fracture prevention (JK Lee, MD – Malaysia)


Session 2: 
Moderator: Andhika Yudistira, MD

  • Proximal femoral fractures (Kiki Novito, MD – Indonesia)

  • Fractures around the knee (Andre Yanuar, MD - Indonesia)

  • Osteoporotic vertebral fractures (Reuben So, MD - Singapore)

  • Proximal humeral fractures (Hafidz Yakob, MD - Brunei)

  • Distal radius fractures (Oryza Satria, MD - Indonesia

POA-AOA WebinarPoster2.jpg


September 22, 2022

Hip & Knee


Moderator: Dr. Edsel Arandia

  • Spinopelvic Motion and Dislocation in THA (Dr. Azhar Merican – Malaysia)

  • THA for TB Hip (Dr. Nilo Paner – Philippines)

  • Arthroplasty for Fragility Hip Fractures (Dr. Irewin Tabu - Philippines)

  • DAA: Fad or Future Norm (Dr. Joel Baron Philippines)


November 26, 2022

Hip & Knee


  • Kinematic Alignment in TKR (Prof. Yeo Seng Jin)

  • Enhanced Recovery after arthroplasty (Dr. Jerry Chen)

  • Robotics in Arthroplasty (Dr. Kelvin Tan)

  • THR in Ankylosed Hips (Dr. Asep Santoso)

  • THR in Dysplasia (Dr. Viroj Larbpaiboonpong)

soa2 Webinar.jpeg
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